What is ALIOTH | Pay

Easy. ALIOTH | Pay is the contactless payment service for smart accessories that support tokenization technology.


No need to be scared of the “tokenization” word. Chances are, you have encountered it before many times.

Tokenization is a process of creating a virtual card – a token, linked to your physical card. ALIOTH | Pay allows issuing such token and loading it into any accessory you find on our site.

ALIOTH | Pay Advantages

Why us? You decide

ALIOTH | Pay Accessories


Ring is style. It can be inconspicuous or blingy. Choose yours – ceramic or steel, titanium or silver. Or gold if you want.


If you don’t like rings – our bracelets is a perfect alternative. Wide selection of materials and designs will fit any clothing style.


Those who doesn’t like jewelry we offer keyfobs. Just put one on every key set and you will never stay penniless. Plus no one really tries to steal keys. And even if it happens – who will guess that this is something you can pay with?

Something else

For enthusiasts, style and technology adepts we offer unique form-factors. Payment gloves? Sure! Coffee mug for always rushing businessmen – here you go. Do you want to pay with your shoe? Not yet, but we’re working on it.

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Mobile Application

Your flight control center

What makes our wearables genuinely smart is ALIOTH | Pay application

It is aimed to provide most comfortable way of managing all your wearables

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